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This project was created as a way for me to show off some of the things Azure can do using non-IaaS services. The goal was to collect and monitor information from various sensors and display them in some type of dashboard, basically an IoT type thing.


There are a few different parts that make up this project, each with their own repo:


This repo has not only the code for the sensors I used, but also any detail on the hardware. I am a novice hardware hacker so I used this opportunity to practice creating my own PCBs to help simplify the sensor creation process. Most of the sensors are based off of the ESP8266.


This repo has the code to handle any of the backend functions used by the dashboard, basically the API layer for everything. Most of this was done via Azure Functions but there are other behind the scenes components are also used.


This repo has the code to handle the dashboard. I am horrible with GUI stuff (as well as Javascript) so be warned :)


Some of this code is either full on copies of existing projects, or code that started off as a copy and was slightly modified:


Except where noted this project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license.